Thursday, August 26

Five Guys Burgers & Fries: The burger that just may have topped In-N-Out!

My cousin David and I were talking food and places we crave...he told me he was having withdrawals from this East Coast burger joint called Five Guys...I already knew my Mom was obsessed w/ their fries but I had never actually eaten there so since I happen to currently be in DC/VA visiting my fam...I figured, what better time to try it than right now! (Anything that causes someone to go through withdrawals is worth trying...I know from my own experience with Chick-fil-A!)

First thing I noticed was that you have a choice between the Regular Burgers and the Little Burgers...(What's a Little?? Is it a slider? Or maybe a tiny junior burger?? many questions!) Luckily my brother gave me the run down...Five Guys Regular Burger comes w/ 2 patties (that's insane!!) I ordered up a Little Bacon Cheeseburger (the Little's only have 1 patty...and there's nothing little about them!)

I cannot express enough how much I love hand-packed burger really is the only way to make a burger...anything else just tastes generic and doesn't pick up flavor as well. Five Guys burgers taste like they came straight off of your own backyard grill...that's all I ask for in a burger, yet for some reason it's so hard for many places to accomplish this one simple thing!...and ALL of their toppings are FREE! You can add as much cheese, fresh jalapeno, grilled mushrooms, A-1 sauce, tomatoes, green pepper etc. as you want!  Imagine the possibilities!

Not only do they have great burgers...they also grill a mean 100% beef hot dog! You might as well do it right if you're going to have it on the menu...and that's just what Five Guys has done. I love that even though they are known for their burgers and fries...they don't half-ass the hot dog. It's split down the center for maximum grill-age and flavor, just like I like my hot dogs made at home!

French fries are fresh cut with the skin left on and come Original Five Guys Style (lightly salted) or Cajun (slightly spicy cajun seasoning sprinkled on top)...whichever you choose, your cup will runneth over with fries because they give you so darn many!!

I know some people aren't going to like this...but I have to tell the truth...and the truth is that Five Guys tops In-N-Out any day!! No seriously...In-N-Out is still good but when I was little, I remember In-N-Out being WAY more amazing than it is today...perhaps their popularity has made the product a bit more commercial now...who knows but my 1st choice for a quick burger will now always be Five Guys! Try it...I guarantee you'll agree!

(Oh...and let's not forget...they even have free in-shell peanuts for everyone as soon as you walk sweet!)

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At August 27, 2010 at 8:07 PM , Blogger turbotaylor said...

We do have a Five Guys in Cali, it's called Carl's Jr. Your title is right...It just MAY have [topped] In N Out but it definitely does not. The only reason folks outside of CA like it so much is because it's the closest they've got to the REAL deal. I had Five Guys in Colorado on 8/22 and the only thing positive I have to say is that the meat reminded me of a home cooked burger because it tasted like it was cooked on an open grill. Other than than it was horrible. No freshness to the ingredients and not to mention their service blew! My boyfriend asked for a side of mustard and they said they didn't carry any! I then asked for mustard, not knowing my boyfriend had already asked, and they gave me some. They forgot the BBQ on my burger which ended up being a benefit because I used my friend's Jack Daniels sauce from his fridge. If you had "I want a refund" as a "reaction" that's what I'd order.

At August 28, 2010 at 2:18 AM , Blogger girllovesfood said...

I knew this one would stir the pot!! haha

Bummer that you had a bad experience but glad you shared...I love reading everyones opinions. Maybe they were just on-point at the location I went to in VA (perhaps because that's where it all began)...or who knows, maybe I got lucky ;)...all I know is the burger I had was frickin awesome!

PS: Five Guys and Carls Jr have no affiliation...


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