Friday, July 9

Shokudo (Honolulu, HI): Toast+Honey+Ice Cream=yum in my tum!

Hawaii has so many great things…luaus, shaved ice, grass skirts, beautiful beaches, drinks w/ umbrellas, endless flip-flop stores…and then there was Honey Toast…so simple, yet soooo good!! I can’t believe it took me years to find it!

I lived in Hawaii a bit when I was little and visit my fabulous family there often (but not often enough!). My most recent trip to Hawaii, I asked my friend Nicole, a local, for some recommendations on her fave places to eat. As my cousin Jazzmin and I went over Nicole’s list, she agreed that I simply HAD to go to Shokudo in Waikiki and try their Honey Toast. (Apparently Honey Toast is all the rage and if 2 locals stood behind this stuff, I was for sure going to try it!)

Ok’s seriously 2 ginormous slices of toasted Japanese white bread (softer and sweeter than the stuff we have in the US) stacked on top of each other with the centers cut into toasty little cubes…THEN each slice is topped with creamy scoops of ice cream, drizzled with honey, and your choice of topping (Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Cinnamon, Sweet Red Bean, or Oreo Cookies & Cream). In our case we had the (highly recommended) Strawberry Honey Toast which came with sweet Strawberry Puree…it was…AWESOME! Kind of tasted like a foodie version of an after school snack. Your brain knows the components are simple and familiar…but together it was ingenious!

An easy pleaser and definite must have when you’re in Honolulu!

Oh and the entrees at Shokudo are pretty killer too! Def try the Ishiyaki Hot Stone bowls and the Yuzu Hamachi Carpaccio sashimi...(other than Sushi Samba, they’re the only ones I’ve found so far that combine sashimi with a tangy citrus sauce…the absolute BEST way to eat sashimi!)

Shokudo: Ala Moana Shopping Center 1585 Kapiolani Blvd Honolulu, HI 96814

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