Sunday, July 11

Little Dom's (Los Feliz) & Lamill (Silverlake) : il mio brunch italiano and Hong Kong Milk Tea!

So I had to narrow down my brunch choice today and ended up choosing Little Dom's in Los Feliz (they had me at Breakfast Pizza), then I ended up ordering the Scrambled Eggs Bruschetta (don't hate me! I know there are people out there that wanted to hear how that pizza tasted but I always have to go w/ my instinct...and today, instinct said to me, "normally, you think Bruschetta is just ok...but w/ scrambled eggs and pesto, that just sounds so darn good...I'm thinking potential to be amazing!...must...try...and...see! Or you will regret it big time!!)...after that little internal pep-talk, I had no choice!

I love that Little Dom's can give even breakfast food an Italian twist!! The Scrambled Eggs Bruschetta was soooooo good!! (and by sooooo, I mean 11 hours later I still cannot stop thinking about it!) I don't believe I've had eggs w/ Pesto before and I was quite impressed...the crushed garlic and basil were an excellent compliment to eggs and I topped each bite w/ a slice of the fire grilled tomatoes (yum!)...but overall, the bread made this dish for me. The eggs are served over two very simple slices of thin grilled baguette...I'm a sucker for grill marks but the firm crusty texture made it the perfect counter for the eggs (sometimes if Bruschetta bread is too soft to begin with, putting something moist on top just ends up making the whole thing soggy and unappealing.) Little Dom's combination was perfection...and that's putting it mildly!

I guess instinct was right!!...(thank goodness!)
(Oh and their iced tea is infused w/ mint (!!) SO refreshing and served in a personal sized iced carafe! ALL iced teas should be served this way...I am a HUGE fan!)

but it didn't end there!...

I really do love that my friends are just as amped as I am about food...once we finished up at Little Dom's, Kelli inspired us to go on an impromptu field trip to try her fave tea at this coffee shop in Silverlake called Cheryl, Laura, Kelli, and I popped into our cars and off we went (yeah, good luck finding 4 consecutive parking spots in Lamill's tiny lot...the food god's were smiling on us because we got VERY lucky for some reason!)
The place is super chi-chi...but the decor makes it surprisingly serene. Perhaps its the use of teal and sea green that just make you kind of exhale and relax...(perfect for a coffee house). I was also a fan of the fact that there is ample space inside, so you don't feel cramped and forced to listen to the enlightening (insert sarcasm) conversations of those around you.

We all ordered up a cup of Kelli's fave "Hong Kong Milk Tea (hot)"...1st off they get points for presentation...each of our teas was topped w/ a custom design courtesy of our barista (loved that!) The tea was quite tasty...creamy and reminiscent of Chai but without the was the perfect drink for a chat session w/ the girls :)

Great Food! Great Friends! Great Day!

Little Dom's: 2128 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027

Lamill Coffee: 1636 Silver Lake Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

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